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In today’s society you never know what’s going to happen out on the streets. People’s homes are getting broke into, school shootings seem to be a common occurrence, and random acts of violence are more popular then ever! If you’re tired of wondering if you’re going to make it home, or if you’re house is next on the criminals list and want to take the next step in your family’s protection then All About Guns Missouri Concealed to Carry Weapon’s course is for you.

Though TJ Taylor is an NRA certified instructor, the Missouri Concealed to Carry Course is not a NRA sanctioned class. If you desire NRA Pistol Courses outside of what you will be taught here please don’t hesitate to ask any All About Guns representative for further details.

This class is broken up into 2 sections; Classroom (Approximately 8 hours with breaks, and lunch), and Range/ Firearms Qualification.

You’re encouraged to bring your own firearm, eye, and ear protection, but we do rent them.

The cost for this class is $70. We offer a military, first responder, and teacher discount for this class as well.

After our lunch break we will meet at the range for the live fire portion of the class. Once all of the students have completed their live fire qualifications we shall return to All About Guns for the duration of the class.

Our main goal is to educate our students on how to handle, possess, transport, and carry firearms safely. In addition to the knowledge of basic pistol instruction our students will gain extensive understanding in Missouri laws, and statues pertaining to Concealed to Carry (Both Constitutional & Permitted) as well as the Castle Doctrine.

The objectives will be to complete a written test on the material given in this course as well as demonstrate proper firearm safety, and handling in real world situations.